Our Stakeholder

Now more than ever, the collective voice of architects and allies is essential for designing a better future for our country, the region and for the entire planet as a whole. We, always ensure that our mission and values remain constant at all cost and always standing at the front line with our partners in different angles, from policymakers to private sector liberal actors who are committed to a better built-environment and a prosperous architectural profession.

  • We work with
  • Clients – members of the public who own projects and need the expertise of architects and allied design professionals can verify the certification of our members and get contacts of certified architectural professionals through RIA
  • • Allied design professionals – architects work in collaboration with quantity surveyors, landscapers, interior designers and many others to bring a professional touch to building projects.
  • • Construction partners – We liaise with engineers, plumbers, electricians, site managers and building managers among others to ensure that projects are implemented par excellence.
  • • Policy makers – RIA acts as a liaison between architects and allied professionals and government bodies and other professional associations to achieve influence and maintain the integrity of the profession in the built environment.
  • • Affiliates – manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials and services are at the forefront of what architects do in the built environment. We vet and prequalify our affiliates in good faith to ensure only the best materials are used in Rwanda. We also give them opportunities to showcase their products and services in different settings so as to interact with our members and draw feedback to enable them customise their products to the needs of the market.