Our Intervention

We are looking forward to creation of skilful and reputable Architecture professionals who can cope with the current market needs and significantly contribute the rapid urban development growth that our cities are facing, by creation of adequate and functional places where people live, learn, work, pray and play. We achieve this by providing;

  • • Technical advisory services – through RIA, our members have access to fellow professionals who can add value to their projects e.g quantity surveyors, allied design professionals and many others.
  • • Capacity building and mentorship – We organise regular events and learning opportunities for our members with the goal of improving the scientific and practical skills of our members in order to elevate the standing of the profession. Members are able to exchange experiences and learn from each other in order to sharpen the collective expertise within the profession.
  • • Search for common ground - Architects within the profession saw a need for representation, to achieve influence and maintain the integrity of the profession for their needs in governmental bodies and among other professional bodies.